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Another runaway cow, this time in Germany: run, Yvonne, run!

It’s another runaway cow, this time in Germany. And apparently she’s been running wild and free for several weeks, defeating any attempts to capture her so far.

Yvonne the runaway cow in Germany
Yvonne the runaway cow in Germany

Meet Yvonne. She escaped from her farm in Bavaria and she clearly shows no loyalty to her farmer as she found out the grass is greener on the other side. Yvonne has been in and out of the woods ever since. Literally. And that’s why she’s been so hard to capture – hiding in those woods. Unfortunately the few times she’s come out, she’s run into traffic (in front of a police car nonetheless!), which made the occurrence a safety hazard. So the police now has the right to shoot her if seen. Yep, we should shoot all jaywalkers, that would teach them…

Animal right organizations have been trying to help capture Yvonne to offer her a safe haven. They first used food, then a calf from her farm’s best cow friend, and now they’re trying to use a bull to attract her. Yeah, bring out the big bull guns!

I’m rooting for Yvonne to be caught safely and alive so she can retire to greener pastures. If you ever hear how this story ends, please let me know! Well, unless it has a bad ending. I don’t want to hear any bad endings.

Here are a few links to learn more about this story:

ABC News
Reuters News

2 thoughts on “Another runaway cow, this time in Germany: run, Yvonne, run!

  1. How very odd that I live in the state next to Bavaria and I learn this from you!!
    I have been too busy listening to the British news (riots).

    It sounds rather like that bear that hid out in the forest a while ago.

    If I hear a happy ending I’ll let you know. And if Yvonne wanders over the border, I’ll take her picture for you!!

    1. Out of all people, I thought the one who lives in Germany would have told me… Well, now that you know about Yvonne, you can tell me what you hear. Maybe when they catch her, they can send her to the UK to calm down the riots…

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