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Sometimes daily cows just come to me…

Kirkland milk carton with cow

Today my kids and I joined a couple of other moms and their littles ones at SeaWorld for a morning of underwater adventures. We got the opportunity to visit the new Turtle Reef exhibit, where we saw sea turtles of all sizes  swim in a giant tank. I now know what it feels like to snorkel with sea turtles and tropical fish in Hawaii. We also tried to pet a dolphin, without success. I’m glad we were able to do it during our last visit, since it’s clearly not an easy feat.

While we sat and watched the Pets Rule show (again, this is the best show at SeaWorld and it features no underwater creatures) I noticed one of our little friends drinking out of a milk carton. His parents obviously shop at Costco For non-US readers, this is a giant supermarket with a yearly membership where you buy everything in bulk) since this milk featured the Kirkland brand. I’ll admit it, this cow is very cute!

Not in my cuppa
Not in my cuppa

I thought this would be it for today’s new cow spottings, but then I got home and turned on my computer to check my email messages. That’s when I realized my Every Day I See a Cow blog was mentioned today on the Not In My Cuppa Facebook page! The non-profit organization is launching a “Spot-a-cow” contest, encouraging people to post photos of their best cow encounters. Not In My Cuppa will make coffee mugs using the winning photo. How cool is that?

The only thing is, Not In My Cuppa probably doesn’t know that by asking people to find their favorite cow appearance, thousands of them will now notice they do see cows. Every. Day. Thanks to Not In My Cuppa, thousands of people are going to join my daily cow theory experiment, one day at a time. I love it!

By the way, Not In My Cuppa is a non-profit organization in the UK aiming at educating the public about the poor treatment of “battery” cows in mega dairies. We all know cows should graze on grass but most dairy cows (and cattle) is now being fed corn, antibiotics and other cow-unfriendly substances in an enclosed environment. And this happens not only in the UK but many other countries, including the USA. It’s always good to know where your food comes from, and make changes if you don’t like what you discover.

Here’s one of the organization’s recent efforts to inform the public, in a cute and funny way featuring Molly the cow. Enjoy the musical experience!

4 thoughts on “Sometimes daily cows just come to me…

  1. Great advert! I haven’t seen it before so I’m not sure where it’s being shown.

    At last you get the recognition you deserve! Hope you get a huge bump in your stats from it.

  2. Hello, Molly here!

    Thankmoo for your lovely blog post, Moo and everyone at Not in My Cuppa are really glad you’ve helped us to spread the Not in My Cuppa word and inspire more people to sign up to the campaign (and Moo is quite flattered to be on your page). We’re excited to see the photos of cows our fans have found, and Moo also hope they’re excited to be in with a chance of winning special Not in My Cuppa mugs like these: ! Perfect for drinking tea.

    Best wishes and good luck on your cow-spotting journey –

    Molly and Not in My Cuppa

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