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Time for some cow treats!

Don’t worry, this post will be vegetarian. Well, it probably contains eggs and butter (I didn’t read the recipe closely) but it definitely contains no real cow body parts.

This afternoon we paid a visit to Lowe’s, our favorite home improvement store, to purchase carbon monoxide detectors to be in compliance with a new California law requiring one detector on each story of our house. As I entered the store, I noticed a rack of magazines featuring every home-related subject, from kitchen remodeling to bird feeding. This “Cake Pops” book caught my attention because of the colorful and cute cover.

Cake Pops
Cake Pops

I read the concept of this treat quickly and to make these cake pops, you first bake a cake, then mix it in a blender with some frosting to create the shapes, then decorate them with more frosting. Seems to me you could save yourself a lot of time and just squirt some corn syrup right down your throat!

But who am I to complain? These treats look really cute and they probably taste great. Here’s a whole section dedicated on “barnyard animals”:

Barnyard animals in Cake Pops book
Barnyard animals in Cake Pops book

From left to right in the front row, you can see a chicken, a pig and a cow. Yes, it IS a cow! Even my husband tried to prove me wrong but I saw the same cow in the book associated with the recipe for “cow pop”, so there you have it. Clearly, this is what a cow would look like if you bred a cow and a pig together. I still think it looks very cute, don’t you?

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