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The original purple cow is finally making an appearance

When I started this blog at the beginning of the year, I wondered how many days it would take for this special purple cow to make its first appearance. I really thought it would appear sooner than today. A lot sooner. But somehow it didn’t. Thanks to a special request from my oldest child, this purple cow is finally making its first appearance on day 226 of the year 2011. It’s about time!

How did this come about? My son has been asking for white chocolate and I bought some at Trader Joe’s not long ago, but I’m not too crazy about the taste and I don’t think he is either. So today during a trip to the store, we took another look at our choices. I ended up choosing some Lindt white chocolate with grated coconut (how yummy is that?!) and Milka white chocolate.

Milka white chocolate with the purple cow
Milka white chocolate with the purple cow

For those of you who know me on a first name basis, you know my first name happens to be Milka. Not French in any way, it’s actually Yugoslav. Not sure why Suchard (later bought by Kraft) chose to name one of their chocolates Milka, except for making my childhood somehow full of “interesting” jokes, but it would seem logical for a chocolate made with cow’s milk. Why the purple cow? I don’t know, but Seth Godin probably does.

Growing up in France, there was Milka chocolate everywhere. When I moved to the US 18 years ago, I couldn’t find the brand anywhere. After Kraft bought it a few years ago, it started importing Milka chocolate to the US, which brings me back to today and my white chocolate find. The kids loved the chocolate, it made my cow of the day, among many, many cow sightings today. We’re all happy.

4 thoughts on “The original purple cow is finally making an appearance

  1. This is the first time I have heard of Milka chocolate…what an interesting coincidence that you share your name with this AND you do this blog about cows……:)
    Does your name mean anything specific in Yugoslavian?

    1. It means something like little darling, dear beloved. The -ka means dear/sweet, as in vodka, which means sweet water. I guarantee you the Milka chocolate brand people don’t know it means that. I can officially brag I was born a few years before the chocolate appeared on the market.

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