Time for a little cow humor

I’ll admit it, this is sick humor. Really sick. But I’m not responsible for it, I’m just reporting it. I’m warning you, today’s cow sighting is not for the weak stomachs. Or the vegetarians. Read on at your own risk.

Today I paid a quick visit to Sears, the department store, to exchange some pants and buy new ones. Sears has the most unbelievable (but true) guarantee on kids’ clothing called Kidvantage. If your kids wear out their clothes before they grow out of them, you can exchange the ruined clothes for new ones, for free. Yes, you read this right! I don’t buy pants anywhere else than Sears now, since my kids love to make holes in the knees at least once a month. And with my youngest inheriting clothes from my oldest, I have a chance to pass on hole-free pants.

So I exchanged three pairs and also bought three new ones. On the way out, I walked through the men’s department and a stack of T-shirts caught my attention. Be ready to be amazed. Or grossed out. I present you with the sickest cow humor I’ve encountered so far this year:

Sears T-shirt with sick cow humor

Sears T-shirt with sick cow humor

Pretty bad, huh? But there’s worse, because pigs get it too. Right next to the cow T-shirts, I found this pig T-shirt.

Sears T-shirt with sick pig humor

Sears T-shirt with sick pig humor

I now dare you to eat eggs and bacon or a hamburger without thinking of these T-shirts!


6 responses to “Time for a little cow humor

  1. I admit: I found it funny :)

  2. Hahaha, my husband taught my 3 yr old, then 2 yr old, to say “hamburger” like Steve Martin in Pink Panther as we drive by cows on the farms. <> We respect life, really, but funniy is funny.

  3. I can see the humor but the calf saying Mommy also makes me a little sad…:(

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