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Today’s cow is on a trophy!

I want to start today’s post by thanking Sarah at Sarsm’s Blog for sending me the latest update on Yvonne the runaway cow. Yvonne has now been granted asylum in the Bavarian forest, at least until the Fall season, when food may become more sparse and she may become easier to catch. For anyone who says cows are fully domesticated animals, Yvonne is living proof some of them may have some wild left in them.

This afternoon we stopped by the library to pick up some new books and this is what the librarian had left for me to take a picture of on a shelf in the children’s book department. Thank you!

Wolf book by Becky Bloom
Wolf book by Becky Bloom

But for my very first cow sighting of the day, I’d like to thank Tilly Bud at The Laughing Housewife. It seems she’s decided to reward one of her post commenters with an award on a weekly basis. And what did she pick as a trophy? A cow, of course! She appropriately named her award COWAbungerTM (Comment of the Week Award). By the way, that’s how you do a superscript TM, Tilly!

Cow trophy
Cow trophy

9 thoughts on “Today’s cow is on a trophy!

  1. :D Thanks :) I thought you’d like this trophy. It will be a different one each week, however.

    How kind of your librarian to leave a cow book out for you.

  2. I must admit I did think of you when I saw this trophy ;-)
    OK. I must admit, I am thinking of you on a regular basis – there are cows everywhere!!!

    You are very welcome re Yvonne.

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