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Dress in style, wear a cow belt!

The kids opted for a visit to our local mall this morning. Even though the outside temperatures have come down since last week’s heatwave, it was nice to spend the morning in the air conditioning. The boys played at the mall playground a little. I say a little because the place quickly turned into chaos, with moms letting their kids loose without any supervision. Yes, moms, you know this always works so well… So we left and headed for the carousel. If you remember well, there is no cow on that mall carousel (I’m still looking for my carousel cow, someone please find one!) but we still have a great time.

As we strolled around the mall afterwards, we spotted our first cow in a small booth in the middle of the main aisle. This one is another longhorn cow skull (ah, the ever so popular longhorn cow skull!) used as a glittery cow buckle for a belt. How stylish indeed (at least somebody must think it is)! I think I’ll skip, thanks.

Glittery longhorn cow skull belt buckle
Glittery longhorn cow skull belt buckle

We then had lunch at Pat & Oscar’s, the pizza and breadstick restaurant. Yes, what goes better with pizza than breadsticks? Don’t laugh, those garlic breadsticks are so delicious and way, way better than the pasty dry breadsticks from Olive Garden… Pat & Oscar’s best kept secret is that kids eat free on Tuesday. Since I was by myself with the kids, I thought I’d be able to get only one kid meal free. Well, it doesn’t work that way! The girl at the register explained that as long as I bought at least $5 of adult food per kid (so a $10 minimum for two kids), I would get two kids’ meals for free on top of that. What a deal! We came back with so much food, we had some for dinner and we’ll have to freeze the rest. The kids’ meals came with beverages and I opted for milk (a much healthier option than soda or juice) and before I packed it up for later use, I took a photo of the containers. Yes, more cows!

Horizon's Organic milk cartons with cows
Horizon's Organic milk cartons with cows

Who said you won’t find cows at the mall?

7 thoughts on “Dress in style, wear a cow belt!

  1. Nice belt, but not my thing either….I’ve always wondered whether Olive Garden tastes differently depending where you are at. I personally love their bread sticks and never found them to be dry….my mom and hubby love them as well….but I’ve noticed some of their other items are made differently depending on which one I go to. I guess it might be cause of different cooks in the kitchen…

    1. When I worked at Red Lobster (same company as Olive Garden) the food was prepped and cooked exactly the same in each restaurant, so I’m surprised Olive Garden is different. I think the local kitchen is not following directions. Their breadsticks are OK, but really, if you tasted Pat & Oscar’s breadsticks, you’d agree they’re out of this world. Years ago they got the domain name and they really own the breadstick!

  2. I’ve never heard of Pat & Oscar’s so not sure if we even have one here in Texas….Do you guys have a Fazoli’s?
    I think their breadsticks are the best I’ve ever had….but we don’t have one here…the closest one, I think is in Austin. I had never ate at one until I went up north for a few months and we stopped at one in Illinois and ate there, then I found out we had one in Tyler, an hour and 1/2 away from us, so we stopped there a few times and ate, but they have since closed it down. :(

    1. I think Pat & Oscar’s is only here (this is where it started 20 years ago) and I don’t know Fazoli’s. So many businesses, including restaurants, have closed down in the past few years because of the economy. It’s pretty sad.

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