Monthly Archives: September 2011

There’s a new cow making our house its home

My husband got a large bag of hot peppers from one of his co-workers earlier this week. I’m planning to chop a bunch and feed them to the squirrel who’s been wrecking havoc in my garden the whole summer. I hope this will teach him a lesson but so far the little sucker has been resistant to stink spray and squirrel bait (=poison), so I’m not sure if these hot peppers will keep him away this time…

My husband offered his local friends on Facebook to have some of our peppers and a friend of ours kindly accepted. They met for the transaction this morning and my husband came back home with a present from him… It was a cow puzzle! My youngest and I built this 100-piece puzzle with a little frustration (mostly his, not mine) but we completed it pretty quickly. Here’s our new cow puzzle in its entirety:

100-piece cow puzzle

100-piece cow puzzle

Thanks, Jim! You’re quite a funny guy!


Lunch is brought to you by Real California Milk

My five year old doesn’t eat. Well, he does eat, but most of the time just enough to make it to the next couple of hours. He definitely lacks the long-term perspective. This causes problems at school because, even though I provide plenty of food in his snack and lunch bags, he leaves a lot of it untouched. Not eating can lead him to grouchiness and unattentiveness and we don’t want him to go down that road if we can avoid it.

So I think my husband was trying to be helpful when he emailed me this lunch chart:

California chart by Real California Milk

California chart by Real California Milk

Look, it’s made by Real California Milk, the cow people! I actually think it’s a great idea and allows the kids to pick what they’d like for lunch. The only problem is, even when my kid chooses his food, it doesn’t guarantee he’ll eat it. So we’ve got some work to do…

Here’s a link to the Real California Milk lunch chart in PDF format if you’d like to use it with your own kids.

Using a remote control car to round up cows

I saw today’s cows in a video showcased on my Yahoo home page and went to find the YouTube video link for you, because I’m sure that after you see it, you’ll want to show your friends. It’s that good.

Meet the cows vs. the remote control car:

Remote control car rounds up the cows

Remote control car rounds up the cows

Somehow, whoever shot this video decided to test the cattle’s reaction to having a remote control car on their turf. Well, were they in for a surprise and you’ll be too! Enjoy the show and let me know what you think.