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Meet Benny the Bull, from Chicago!

I’ve seen quite a good number of cows today – it seems the latest stock of books we borrowed from the library is full of them – but my first cow sighting showed up in my inbox this morning, in an email from my husband. He suggested I check out a website called “I want Benny” and so I did. This is what I saw when I got there:

Benny the bull - Chicago Bulls mascot
Benny the bull - Chicago Bulls mascot

Wow, Benny has to be the original “red bull”!

Benny happens to be the Chicago Bulls’ mascot and from what I see on his website, he keeps himself quite busy. Not only does he attend every home game, but he also travels the world, making 150 appearances a year! Hmm, I wonder if Benny’s got a twin to help him out…

You can book Benny the Bull for a special event (please don’t send him to my house!) and he even has his own Facebook page and Twitter account. You’re right, Sarah (at Sarsm’s Blog), if Benny the Bull has his own Twitter account for promotional purposes, I probably should too…

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