Meet Sam-Moo-Rai the cow! Oh, and a double-headed cow, too

Thank you, Tilly Bud at The Laughing Housewife, for announcing your weekly CoWAbunger (Comment of the Week Award) and choosing this cow as a trophy for your best commenter:

Sam-Moo-Rai the cow - Cow Parade

Sam-Moo-Rai the cow - Cow Parade

I saw it this afternoon when I visited Tilly Bud’s blog and I believe this is Sam-Moo-Rai the cow, which was originally created for one of the Cow Parades. You can now buy the Sam-Moo-Rai cow figurines through online auctions. I love it! How classy and honorable. I just don’t want to see it go Hari Kiri…

I also want to thank my husband who likes to send me emails with obscure links and instructions, including telling me to check the trailer for this movie called “Shut Up Litte Man” at 1min and 14 sec. Here’s what I saw:

Double headed cow

Double headed cow

Hey, smiling dude! Do you know there’s a double-headed cow standing behind you? Is it really so funny? I soooooo want to think this is a fake but I’m afraid somehow it’s a real, stuffed double-headed cow. And not the kind of stuffed cow kids play with. One thing is for real. This post started so much better than the way it ended…


7 responses to “Meet Sam-Moo-Rai the cow! Oh, and a double-headed cow, too

  1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:

    Ach, mon! Ye cannae help but hae a wee laugh at a cow in a kilt waving a dirk! :lol:

  2. I love Nancy’s comment :)

  3. Are you going to buy one? ;-)

  4. I once saw a show on either Animal Planet or National Geographic that was showcasing strange animals and it had an actual 2 headed cow on there. I believe it was a case of 2 separate cows born connected…sort of like Siamese Twins in humans.

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