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French cows and American cows battle it out at Michael’s

Wow, I can’t believe I’m going to publish this post in a few minutes! I was actually done with it at 3:30 this afternoon when I suddenly lost power. Well, it’s 9:30pm and we won’t get our power back until “some time” tomorrow. Nice! My husband is now home and kindly offered me to tether with his phone so I could get an internet connection. Thank you!

Our family, along with 5 million other people in the US Southwest and Mexico are enjoying an evening by candlenight and thinking of our food in the fridge wasting away. Oh, and don’t even think about getting more food at the grocery stores, because they are closed too! Best thing about having no power? All San Diego County public schools will be closed tomorrow, so we can sleep in, which is great because we’ll have nowhere to go, nothing to eat. Argh, it’s going to be a loooooong day…

Today my youngest got his front tooth pulled out. He broke it a year and a half ago on the back of his brother’s head. At the time the dentist performed a root canal and installed a crown, trying to preserve the tooth. Now, here’s my advice to you if you have little kids. If you ever need to have this procedure done on your kid’s baby tooth, consider getting the tooth pulled out in the first place. You’ll save yourself a lot of time, money, anxiety and replacement crowns since they’re not as strong as regular teeth. Yes, we were on our third crown as of today.

As a pre-tooth-pulling reward, my son and I stopped at Michael’s, my favorite arts & craft store, to get him a toy. I also needed to get a pad of watercolor paper for my art class, so this worked out well. Michael’s has a great display of hard plastic animals for kids and we’ve got a pretty good collection of them at home already. My son chose a humpback whale to add to his marine mammals.

Humpback whale from Michael's
Humpback whale from Michael's

As he was browsing the toy section to make his selection, I took a look with him to make additional suggestions. That’s when I saw these two cows, the Charolais cow and the Texas Longhorn bull battling it out. OK, maybe I’m exaggerating a little, as they were both standing very still on the shelf.

Charolais cow and Texas Longhorn bull
Charolais cow and Texas Longhorn bull

And on the aisle across from this toy display, I found… a new cow puppet, hanging out with its best friend Pig. Cute!

Cow puppet and pig puppet at Michael's
Cow puppet and pig puppet at Michael's

6 thoughts on “French cows and American cows battle it out at Michael’s

  1. I really hope that your power is back on soon. And that you can save your food.

    My son is to have a crown too. He chipped his baby tooth climbing up a slide while another decided to come down it. You know in one of those last minute decisions only a child makes, and as the mother you’re racing to stop what you can see is about to happen, but you you’ve no chance.

    I hope that your little boy is feeling better.

    1. We were without power for 10 hours (from 3:30pm to 1:30am), probably the worst time of the day to have no power. And it was over 100 degrees outside (over 40 degrees) so it was pretty hot inside until it cooled down later. Human error is to blame, what else? The little one is doing great and loves his new pirate look!

  2. He broke his tooth on the back of his brother’s head? Oh my…How’d THAT happen?
    As for the power being out……that sounds horrible, I remember having no power for like a week after Hurricane Rita and it was pretty close to 100 so I can only imagine what a day of over 100 with 2 young boys has to be like :(
    Hope you were able to salvage some food!

    1. Fortunately our fridge runs really cold, so even though we had no power for 10 hours, the temperature inside remained safe. I only threw away from old eggs and we’ll go through the quick perishables fast.

      My youngest was playing on our bed and his brother was sitting in front of him. Somehow he stood up and hit his brother in the mouth with his head, making his tooth bleed at the time. It took 4 months for him to develop an abcess. And another year and a old for another one…

      Kids’ heads are very hard (for logical protective reasons) but they really, really hurt when you get hit. I’ve gotten hit on the face many times to worry about breaking my nose or a tooth. Watch out for their heads, they’re weapons!

      1. That’s true, I remember when my great nephew was in town before my wedding and he had a habit of hitting his head against yours. OUCH! He thought it was the funniest thing but it hurt!

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