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Wait a minute, I know these cows. And… bouncy horses?

I treated my kids to a little fun by taking them to an outdoor playground later this afternoon to celebrate the end of the week. And what a rough week it’s been… There I met the youngest bully ever, looking quite short for a three-year old. He seemed to enjoy hitting kids all over the playground, including my five-year old. He tried to tackle my youngest, who turned the tables around and tackled him instead, until I separated them.

Eventually the kid decided to come my way and pinch my leg. When I leaned down towards him and firmly asked him to stop pinching me, he smacked me right in the face! In a tenth of a second, I grabbed the little jerk by the arm and dragged him across the floor towards the tables where most parents sit at without ever glancing at their kids. Then I loudly asked, whose kid is this? His grandma came over and I angrily explained her little one was hitting everyone around and smacked me in the face. The poor kid looked pissed that I dragged him across the floor and he started to whine, so grandma took him aside for a hug. Yep, a bully in the making. Damn it.

But wait, there’s a cow coming. I then sat down while watching my son play trains and when I looked around, I realized I was sitting next to the same rug we have in our living room:

Play rug with roads and houses
Play rug with roads and houses

And yes, if you squint a little you’ll see a couple of cows in the bottom right corner. But here, you don’t have to squint too much with this cow close-up:

Play rug with cows
Play rug with cows

These are definitely two cows I see at my house every single day, and now every time I’ll visit this playground.

Oh, and take a look at what I also spotted there. These are bouncy horses!

Bouncy horses
Bouncy horses

It’s off to the races! Well, not really because I saw kids trying to bounce them around and they seemed pretty tricky to operate. Do you think they’ll ever make bouncy cows??? I’m sure they’d look cute.

6 thoughts on “Wait a minute, I know these cows. And… bouncy horses?

    1. I agree! The little prince got his way. Argh, I don’t want to ever meet him as an adult. I hope some bigger kid puts him back in his place at some point. Unfortunately bigger kids didn’t seem to scare him, and me either!

  1. Good for you. Glad you stood up to the bully in the making.

    Grandma may have had an ulterior motive for the hug ~ I used to hug my nieces and nephews while whispering, “I need you to STOP that. Hitting and spitting is NOT nice.” ;)

    1. I have pulled my kids aside and hugged them while I talked with them, but it’s mostly when they’re getting a little too excited and I need them to calm down. For hurtful behavior, they get immediate time out and later a hug. Trust me, that kid has grandma wrapped up around his little finger…

    1. I see soooo many parents not discipline their children appropriately, they’re really not doing them any favor. When I have to discipline my kids in public, I usually use quite a firm, loud (but not obnoxious) voice and many heads turn around, as if I was doing something wrong. Since when are children treated like royalty? Can’t wait for those kids to grow up and misbehave as adults.

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