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It’s triple cow Monday!

Today I saw cows on milk and cheese packages, in books and in a Curious George video but my most memorable cow has to be the one I spotted not once but three times on Tilly Bud’s The Laughing Housewife blog.

So far, she’s managed to make me see a cow trophy and a Sam-Moo-Rai cow but today, that was quite something else. I believe the cow on her photo is a remnant of a Cow Parade somewhere in the world, but the funniest part about it is, she used the same photo three times in a row to award her COWAbunger award to three different commenters.

Not sure what I’m talking about? Well, here you go then!

#1 cow award

Cow statue from Cow Parade
Cow statue from Cow Parade

#2 cow award

#3 cow award

There you have it, three cow photos in a row. It’s triple cow Monday! I’m anxious to see what she’ll be coming up with next time…

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