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Cows and zebras have lunch together

If you have a Facebook account, you’ve noticed changes to your pages in the past week, most of them not for the better. I hear a lot of people complaining about the scrolling ticker, which somehow I don’t see on my screen, but from what I hear, I believe I’m not missing anything. What’s affected me though are the changes to my newsfeed and the way the updates are displayed. It’s made it a little more difficult to keep up with news updates, as Facebook seems to decide on its own what I’d like to read first. This means some news updates have been pushed down so today I scrolled for a while to catch up.

And that’s when I saw an interesting story from NPR I had to read. It’s called Zebra And Cattle Make Good Lunch Partners, Researchers Say.

Cows and zebras make good lunch partners
Cows and zebras make good lunch partners

In many countries of Africa, the common thought has been that gazelles, antelopes, and mostly zebras munch of the grass the human-raised cattle needs to thrive. For this reason, thousands of animals have been eliminated as human populations and the need for cattle grow, but now researchers are saying having lunch with zebras is good for the cows.

Apparently having zebras munching alongside them makes the cows hungry and they get to munch more. Zebras also eat the overgrown grass that cows don’t like, making room for fresher, yummier roots. Who knew nature and human population growth could live in harmony?

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