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Cows are popular at the craft fair

This morning we decided to do something different and for the first time we paid a visit to the older part of the town of Poway, California. First we strolled through their farmer’s market where I found some delicious organic green beans and strawberries. While I was shopping, my five year old snacked on a whole bunch of produce samples from the vendor booths, while my youngest kept on whining this was not what we came to Poway for. He was right. We actually enticed the kids to take this trip because of the train ride!

The poor little guy couldn’t get fast enough to the other side of the road and enjoy a ride in an old train. Today’s train was made up of mining cars, quite uncomfortable as it offered no cushioning for our backs or bottoms for a bumpy ride, but a lot of fun for the kids.

After the train ride, we walked around Old Poway Park and got to take a look at their craft fair. There weren’t a lot of booths so I think we got pretty lucky spotting cows in two different places. The first one was on a wooden box and is actually a cow skull – an appropriate decor for this old Western town:

Wooden box with cow skull decoration
Wooden box with cow skull decoration

A little later I spotted more cows on a hand-sewn apron. The cows are in good company, with a whole bunch of pigs and chickens by their side.

Apron with cows
Apron with cows

Is that a lot of cows for a Saturday, or what?

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