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Cows welcome everyone back to school

Tonight I attended my first parent school council meeting since last May. It was nice to see the old timers again and meet new parents who want to get involved in the town’s children’s afterschool and preschool care programs. The school district officials running the meeting mentioned after the meeting that they can’t stop seeing cows every day, and they now even have other people share their “cow of the day”. Yeah, it’s that contagious, so be careful when talking to your friends about the daily cow!

On my way out, I glanced at the display case in the building’s main hall and couldn’t help but notice the materials have been changed since the last time I saw them. Obviously, the person responsible for this display case really like cows and makes a point of including them in every new display. Look how cute this cow is, with a flower in its mouth!

Stuffed cow with flower in its mouth
Stuffed cow with flower in its mouth

Oh, wait, what do I see next to it? A “Minnie and Moo” book! We love Minnie and Moo at our house – the two cows always get involved in the best adventures.

Any good cows from you on this Monday?

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