Will somebody please mooove this cow?

Today’s cow comes from my Facebook wall, where my friend Jim posted a link to a touching one-minute video of a cow rescue earlier today.

Trapped bull in water drain video - rescue

Trapped bull in water drain video - rescue

A young bull somehow got stuck in a large water drain in Santiago, Chile for two days until a rescue team figured out how to get him out. It looks like it took a lot of people and quite a lot of equipment to free the beast move the cow but our little adventurer came out of it safe and sound.

Well, he’s got quite a story to tell the other guys when he rejoins them. Guys, you’ll never believe what happened to me...

Here’s the full video of this bull rescue for your enjoyment (cow jokes with a British accent included). Thanks for sharing, Jim!


8 responses to “Will somebody please mooove this cow?

  1. Poor thing! Glad it got rescued!

  2. “Unmovable moo” I guess he didn’t want to be too repetitive with the word cow.

  3. How on earth did it get in there through that tiny hole? Crazy! :)

  4. I love it when humans help animals . . .

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