Hey kiddo, there’s a cow on your back!

Today we visited Bates Nut Farm north of San Diego for a fun day at the Pumpkin Patch. We didn’t pick a pumpkin (but we could have if we wanted to) and instead used our cash to spend fun times going on a tractor ride, getting lost in a straw maze, and petting some farm animals.

There were a lot of vendor booths on location and tons of people to visit each and every one of them. The place was busy! I spotted this very cute cow harness and leash at one of the booths:

Cow harness and leash for child

Cow harness and leash for child

It looks to me like the most popular animal for the child harness is the monkey and I always want to ask the poor kid: hey kiddo, do you need help getting that monkey off your back? I like this cow but infortunately it looks quite warm for the San Diego climate…

On our way back from the farm, I spotted a cow statue at the front of an adjacent farm so I shoved my husband out of the car to take a picture of it and here it is!

Cow statue in Valley Center

Cow statue in Valley Center

Can you believe we took a ride in the countryside today and we didn’t see one single real cow? Horses? Yes. Sheep? Yes. Cows? Nope. That’s San Diego for you. But I still manage to see cows every day. Go figure.


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