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Meet the “Cow Lady”, owner of the world’s largest cow collection

I love the internet, where you can find the most important and the most trivial news on the same page on any given day. Today I found out Libya’s dictator Gadhafi was captured and killed and a few paragraphs below I discovered the biggest cow fan in the world! What a strange world we live in. Thank you, Mr. Internet.

Meet Ruth Klossner of Lafayette, Minnesota, who owns what she believes is the world’s largest collections of cow items – nearly 14,000 of them! From clocks to toys to coffee cups and everything in between shaped like cows or decorated with them, Klossner probably has the item in her home. Just look at her car license plate, “COW LADY”, I love it!

Cow lady license plate
Cow lady license plate

Ruth’s collection is very impressive. You may imagine her as a messy hoarder but her house is actually very organized, with a lot of shelves, well, covered with cow stuff. I really wonder if she’s got a butter cow sculpted by Norma Lyon, the butter cow lady, somewhere in her freezer… She clearly exceeds her cow sightings on a daily basis.

But Ruth’s story doesn’t stop here and is part a lesson in history and a reminder of how far women have advanced, at least partially, the workforce. Ruth tried to take an agriculture class in high school, just to be told by the principal she couldn’t attend because she was a girl.She tried to join the national Future Farmers of America organization but wasn’t alloweed to as it didn’t open up its ranks to girls until 1969. When planning to study dairy husbandry at the University of Minnesota, her adviser told her she’d never find a job, as a woman. Talking about a lot of closed doors, and it was just 50 years ago! So Ruth settled for Home Economics, which she never enjoyd. She became a local reporter and later an editor for a local newspaper and seemed to enjoy her career.

But Ruth’s life passion is cows and she’s managed to surround herself with tons and tons of happy cows. She’s even created her own “moo-seum” out of her collection, which she allows people to visit by appointment only.

Cow moo-seum in Lafayette, Minnesota
Cow moo-seum in Lafayette, Minnesota

Cow Lady, I bow to you. You’re awsome!

Read the full article on Ruth Klossner and see her extensive cow collection in a news video.

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