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I saw a herd of paper cows today

I made a quick stop at our local produce store, Henry’s Sprouts Farmer’s Market, this afternoon to get some healthy fruit and vegetables for the family. On my way to the register I walked by the deli department and my eye caught a glimpse of  a large brown area. I had to look over and this is what I saw:

Paper bag cows at Sprouts farmer's market
Paper bag cows at Sprouts farmer's market

It’s a herd of paper bag cows! All of the bags display a cow on each side, so even a few bags put together manage to picture quite a lot of cows in one spot. I’ve seen this very cow paper bag in the past by the way.

Now, you’re going to ask me what’s in those cow bags and that’s the ironical part of it all. Each bag contains a roasted chicken (or turkey meatloaf)! Roasted and cooled down chicken, ready for you to take home and reheat.

Cows pregnant with chickens. Marjorie the cow’s dream has come true!

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