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I was tricked into seeing today’s cow

I’ll admit it, I saw plenty of cows on my own today and I didn’t need anyone’s help seeing one more. But this one is so cute and the circumstances of its discovery so irresistible, I decided to spotlight it as my cow of the day.

After dinner we took the kids to Food4Less, our local grocery store, to restock on a few food staples for our family. While there it was hard to keep the kids away from the piles and piles of Halloween candy and Halloween decorations in every single aisle. When I finally thought I’d managed to guide the boys towards the cash register, my youngest veered to the left and yelled, Mama, you’ve gotta come see this!

We ended up in the pet food/supplies aisle (they really sell EVERYTHING in grocery stores) and the kids grabbed this cute dog toy cow off the shelf:

Toy dog black and white cow
Toy dog black and white cow

I have to say, I was doubtful this was a cow at first glance. The weird color pattern makes it look more like a sheep than a cow to me. That’s when my five-year old accurately observed that sheep don’t have horns, therefore it had to be a cow. How can I deny simple logic? It’s a cow, and a weird but cute one, don’t you think?

7 thoughts on “I was tricked into seeing today’s cow

  1. Some sheep have horns. The Manx Loaghtan has lots of them – 4 or sometimes even 6!
    Sorry to clutter up your cow blog with sheep :) Yesterday I saw some real live highland cattle as well as lots of ordinary black and white cows, in Derbyshire. My mother is afraid to walk through fields of cows, which is not unreasonable as approximately one hiker a year is trampled to death by cows. But these cows kept safely out of the way :)

    1. Thanks for telling me about these sheep with horns, I had no idea. I know rams have horns but I think my son was right guessing these looked more like cow horns anyway.
      There’s no way I’d walk through a field full of cows either!

  2. My dog has had that cow before. They also make one that looks like Bullwinkle. It’s a pretty good toy, but it’s not able to survive longer than 20 minutes in a tug-o-war game between my girl and her boyfriend.

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