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Yvonne the cow: face your most serious runaway cow contender

If you’ve read this blog over the past few months, or like to listen to or read wacky news, you know about Yvonne the runaway cow. Poor Yvonne escaped her farm last spring and roamed the forests of Bavaria for several months, until one day she decided she’d had enough of the wild life and rejoined a herd of domesticated cows.

German Yvonne, meet your American contender: the unnamed runaway cow from Connecticut:

Runaway cow in Milford, CT
Runaway cow in Milford, CT

This cow escaped her farm near Milford, CT in July 2011 (wow, that’s three months on the run!) and since then, it’s been spotted many times around town but not caught. How a cow can survive this long among people and cars, and probably with no regular food supply, I’m not sure. But this one is running for its life!

You can read the full article about this runaway cow on the NBC Connecticut news website. I hope this story has a happy ending, eventually.

A funny fact about the news article… I’m not sure what you’ll see when you read it if the online ads rotate, but this is the ad I saw on the article page:

Guida's supercow ad
Guida's supercow ad

Some advertising rep at the news website must have had a lot of fun getting placement for this ad. Hey, Guida’s, I have the perfect ad spot for you, give me a call back.

Supercow, meet runaway cow. That’s what I call a bull’s eye!

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