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Today’s cow got a nose job

I like the series of Brand New Readers books as it gives my five year old the opportunity to read a whole book by himself. He’s getting to read well enough though, they’re now too easy for him but he enjoys reading them for his little brother, who’s trying to pick up the reading habit with him. Our newest book in this series is called Hurray for Rosa and we read it for the first time tonight:

Hurray for Rosa brand new readers book
Hurray for Rosa brand new readers book

Would you guess there’s a cow in this book by just looking at the cover? Yeah, me neither… But the first story (there are four short stories inside) happens to be “Rosa at the farm”, where the girl mimics what the animals do. So… here’s comes the cow for you!

Hurray for Rosa early reader book
Hurray for Rosa early reader book

Is it me or this cow got a nose job? I’ve never seen a cow with such a skinny nose wall. It’s a little disturbing. And let’s not forget to mention the curled up horns? I think my five year old could draw an even funnier looking cow if he applied himself.

Now, here’s Rosa copying the mooing cow:

Hurray for Rosa book
Hurray for Rosa book

Poor cow, it doesn’t look too impressed… Please Rosa, stop embarrassing youself and moooove on.

2 thoughts on “Today’s cow got a nose job

  1. I think the cow isn’t impressed because Rosa looks really sarcastic while she’s mooing. The cow is thinking, “Hmm, should I give her the horns, a good kick, or should I call in one of the bulls?”

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