What a nice set of horns you’ve got there!

We enjoyed a beautiful and surprisingly warm Fall morning at the San Diego Safari Park and took the railroad track-free “train” ride to see many African and Asian animals in a natural environment. We saw rhinos, giraffes, many types of gazelles and antelopes, Cape Buffalo (yes, a bovine!) and even a few ostriches. Towards the end of the ride, we stopped by for a close look at the Angola cows the zoo has on display:

Angola cows at the San Diego Safari Park

Angola cows at the San Diego Safari Park

A set of horns on the Angola cow can measure up to 9 feet long. Quite impressive! And even though the cows look pretty mellow, you probably wouldn’t want to piss them off. So hold off on the “your mama’s so fat” jokes…

Angola cow horns

Angola cow horns

Our cell phone cameras stopped taking pictures after this, but the cow sightings didn’t stop and we actually saw A LOT more cows today:

1) On our way out of the Safari Park, I noticed a large herd of Holstein dairy cows right across the road. I have never seen it before so it may be new. Something to be on the lookout during our next visit.

2) When we reached the first intersection, we saw cattle grazing on wild grass on our right. I’m guessing these cows will not see a happy ending.

3) Finally, as we drove by a local farm advertising many things for sale, from strawberrys and tomatos (yikes, someone needs a lesson in spelling!) to ostrich eggs and ostrich jerky, we saw what looked like a petting corral. The pen included llamas, ostriches, sheep and… cow calves.

Again I apologize for the lack of photos but we were quite unprepared for such an overwhelming sight. 

Tomorrow’s Halloween but somehow I doubt I’ll see any cows when we go trick or treating. What do you think?

7 responses to “What a nice set of horns you’ve got there!

  1. I think some people are bound to be dressed up as cows!
    Yow on those horns. I expected them to tip over from the size and weight, like those big-headed puppies on YouTube.

    • They must have some super strong neck muscles or just deal with headaches every day… I’ll be on the lookout for cows and I’ve seen a toddler cow costume in the past but I’m not sure I’ll be so lucky to run into one tonight.

  2. Those are some scary horns.

  3. Wow, those are some amazingly horny beasts! ;)

  4. Yikes, I will definitely “steer” clear of those horns! ;)

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