Holy cow! Today’s Halloween cow is a Holstein… cat?

The few cows I saw today appeared in children’s book,s as well as on my living room floor (there was a poor stray I just had to rescue). Surprisingly, or not, I saw NO cows during our trick-or-treating outdoor adventure tonight. How disappointing. I may have to move to Minnesota to witness that…

But don’t worry, I found something very appropriate for today. Actually this has to be one of my very best cows of the year. Yes, I mean it and you’ll understand when you see it. Yesterday, Pedro the cat, who writes his own blog at Maru can kiss my own furry…, stopped by this blog to say hi. Pedro is quite a special cat because of the way he looks and because he’s a fan of cows. You see, Pedro’s got cow-spotted fur. Check him out – what a cutie!

Pedro the cat

Pedro the cat

So earlier today I asked Pedro the cat if I could feature him on this blog and he humbly accepted. What Pedro clearly forgot to mention was, what his Halloween costume was going to be. So when I stopped by his blog to grab his picture, I had quite a surprise when I read Pedro’s Halloween post.

Here’s Pedro with half of his costume in place:

Pedro the cat with his cow udders

Pedro the cat with his cow udders

And here’s Pedro with his full costume on. Holy cow! Holy kitty! Is it a cow? Is it a cat? Geeze, I’m so confused. What does it meeeeeeean? Sorry, I feel like Hungrybear with his double rainbow experience.

Pedro the cat dressed up as a cow for Halloween

Pedro the cat dressed up as a cow for Halloween

Pedro, thanks for the laugh! Thinking of it, I’m not sure who got the last laugh. You, your owner, or me? Or maybe whoever will read this post? I think Pedro wins Best Halloween Costume. What do you think?

9 responses to “Holy cow! Today’s Halloween cow is a Holstein… cat?

  1. Holy cow-spotted cat! I assumed you had seen my UDDERLY FANTASTIC Halloween costume when you asked if you could feature me in your blog… I am honored and thrilled to be your featured Halloween cow, and a little thrilled that I was bovine enough to catch your eye even without the costume.

    Happy Halloween!

  2. lol! The indignity we heap upon our animals :)

  3. Pedro makes up for all the party-poopers who didn’t have the good sense to dress up as cows :)

  4. Aloha and Congrats! I love your cows and I love that I got to be one of your cows, so I nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger Award. Please go to http://pedrothecat.com/2011/11/28/versatile-blogger-kreativ-blogger-award-acceptance-nominations/ for more information.

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