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Today’s cow is an English native

Sometimes you have to be careful what you ask for. Yesterday I visited Pseu’s Blog to catch up and find out what happened during her latest vacation in Devon. If you’re not British, just know Devon is a county in England, and it looks absolutely beautiful this time of year. Pseu has the pictures to prove it (she takes really nice pictures with her fancy digital camera).

In this specific post, Pseu showed pictures of the countryside where she was staying at and mentioned her outdoor strolls. But she also indicated she didn’t go into one specific direction “because of the cows”. Apparently Pseu has had some type of misadventure with a cow in the past. I didn’t ask why but I do understand how someone could be weary of cows. I’ve identified many “domesticated” cows on this blog that looked more like wild animals if left on their own.

When Pseu mentioned the dreadful cows, I was expecting a cow photo just below her comment to illustrate her reasons to be afraid. But no, not one cow picture! So I couldn’t help myself and whine comment on the lack of cow photos.

Well, Pseu is a kind woman because today, she posted a cow picture on her blog, just for me! Look how beautiful it is:

Cow photo from Pseu's blog
Cow photo from Pseu's blog

Thanks, Pseu. That’s a beautiful photo and this cow looks much, much cutier than all of the spiders you like to feature on your blog (wink).

Feel free to stop by Pseu’s Blog. She’s got some great writing going on and beautiful photos to look at.

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