Cow of the day

Today is just full of bull!

Today has been a good day for cow sightings. Oh, heck, who am I kidding? It’s been a great day!

It first started with the Red bull delivery truck that likes to roam around my town and drive right in front of me on every road I take. Today it eventually turned into a gas station to make a Red Bull delivery at the convenience store and that’s how I managed to take this photo. Yes, while driving, shhh….

Red Bull logo on delivery truck
Red Bull logo on delivery truck

Right after I took this picture, I picked up my youngest at preschool for lunch. On our way back, I saw a lot of smoke in the big blue sky in front of us. We’ve been on high alert for brush fires these past few days, which is common for San Diego this time of year, considering we haven’t had a real drop of rain for over six months. I couldn’t find any news about this brush fire south of us on our local news websites. My husband suggested I visit, where they actually keep a close eye on brush fires. That’s where I found out the fire was actually in Mexico, which is only about 25 miles away from San Diego and it had already burned 600 acres. Yikes, I really hate wildfires. They’ve been way too close to my house too many times.

While on that website I scrolled down to see what other news they featured. I clicked on a news story named “Why we occupy Wall Street” and that’s where I saw my second bull of the day. The photo on the article page is quite small so I found a larger image for you online:

Wall Street Bull and the Occupy Wall Street movement
Wall Street Bull and the Occupy Wall Street movement

Yeah, it looks just as fiesty as the Red Bull!

As a final note, I’d like to thank Kathy at to write is to write is to write for subscribing to this blog yesterday. I think Kathy is oblivious to the fact she sees cows every day. How do I know? Because in her most recent blog posts, I found two photos with cows on them. The first was on this post, the second on this one. Wow, Kathy, you’re a great cow spotter!

4 thoughts on “Today is just full of bull!

  1. How kind of you to mention my blog! I’m fond of cows. Some of my best friends have been cows. I even had one (Marie) who stood at the fence and listened to me practice my clarinet. That was going way beyond the call of duty.

    I’m so pleased to have this regular infusion of cows.The Olivia doll is wonderful. I’m going to order one for a friend for Christmas.

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