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Today’s cow is enjoying a game of soccer

Today’s cow is enjoying a game of soccer. Well, technically it’s a game of football since the incident occurred in the UK. I saw the tagline in my quirky news headlines this afternoon and you know I had to click and find out what really happened. Quite a lot happened, actually.

This interesting event took place during an amateur football match (also known as “soccer game” if you’re an American reader) in Potterspury, near Towcester (Northamptonshire). Maybe one of my British readers can give me an idea of where this is on a UK map.

Just a few minutes into the game, a cow wandered onto the football field and started charging at the players on both teams, and even a few fans. It’s nice to know it didn’t seem to support a specific team. The cow even managed to “relieve itself” while on the field. Nice touch.

Cow playing football during a match in the UK
Cow playing football during a match in the UK

Wow, scary, especially since there are no apparent cows grazing in the fields adjacent to this football field. Eventually the players were able to usher this poor cow off the field and resume their game.

Apparently this is the first time the players have seen a cow on a football field. What can I say? Everybody sees a cow every day, so you know it was only a matter of time before this happened!

Read the full article on this cow taking part in a football match and see more football cow pictures on the UK Daily Mail website.

4 thoughts on “Today’s cow is enjoying a game of soccer

    1. I don’t know how I manage to stumble upon the weird news. I look on Yahoo and a couple of other sites once in a while and that’s where this type of news (or Yvonne the runaway cow). This one was quite a funny story, I think!

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