It’s showtime! Meet Daisy, a fine looking pole dancing cow

The cow sightings I encountered today were quite traditional. Well, that was until I visited Tilly Bud’s The Laughing Housewife blog and read today’s post where she awarded her now almost famous weekly CoWAbunger award to one of her post commentators. The award photo she chose for him was quite lovely – a smiling cow!

Smiling cow

Smiling cow

Don’t you imagine this cow’s next step would be to lick you all over the face? Mmmmmmm, mooooooo! (that means “I love you” in bovine language)

But as Tilly was assigning her award and the photo associated with it, she mentioned her temptation to use the photo of a pole dancing cow. Eventually she decided against it since her blog is “family friendly”. Come on, Tilly, who are you kidding? You SOOOO should have gone for it!

Fortunately she provided a link to a Google UK search result page with quite a lot of photos of pole dancing cows on it. Who knew pole dancing cows were so popular? I found some of them quite unattractive and I’m not sure they’d turn on a bull unless he’s really horny (pardon the pun), but I found you a sexy one. Meet Daisy the pole dancing milk goddess:

Pole dancing cow from the Cow Parade

Pole dancing cow from the Cow Parade

Look at that bright smile, the hot red lipstick, the shiny red hoof polish (nice touch!) and the many red ribbons that leave nothing to the imagination.

Wow, I sure hope I don’t dream about this tonight! Let me know if you do.


5 responses to “It’s showtime! Meet Daisy, a fine looking pole dancing cow

  1. Wow..just when I thought i’d seen it all!

  2. I found this one quite creepy. But the smiling cow makes me grin every time. :)

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