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My daily cow is in a book about pigs

Today’s post is going to be really short. Why, do you ask? Because it’s 11:15pm as I’m writing this and I still have to prepare my son’s lunch for tomorrow, load up the dishwasher and get myself ready for bed, at some point.

So here we go without fanfare… Today’s cow (actually, cows) appears in a book about pigs called Oops by Arthur Geisert:

Oops by Arthur Geisert
Oops by Arthur Geisert

This is a wordless book depicting how a little spill of milk can cause a chain reaction leading to catastrophic results. Don’t worry, no pigs or cows die in this story, but things get quite messy.

Now, the cows appear just a few pages into the story, below the pig house, grazing on some luscious green fields.

Arthur Geisert's Oops book
Arthur Geisert's Oops book

Of course, no cow field would be complete without a train passing by. Check out the gray cow on the left, hardly able to contain itself with excitement at the sight of the upcoming train…

Cows and train in Geisert's Oops book
Cows and train in Geisert's Oops book

Well, I’ve seen cows today and now you have too. It’s time for me to close shop and go count sheep. Eventually.

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