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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… with a Santa cow!

As our house was getting quickly depleted of healthy fruit and vegetables, it was time we made a trip to our local Sprouts Farmer Market store this afternoon . While there I decided to get some Kefir liquid yogurt for my five-year old, who likes to drink it for a healthy snack.

As I was walking up and down the dairy department aisle, I spotted a new product from Shamrock Farms. If you don’t remember it, read about my first encounter with Shamrock Farms milk. They do have some pretty funny artwork on their milk bottles.

This new Shamrock Farms eggnog is here just in time to help us celebrate the holidays!

Shamrock Farms eggnog with cows
Shamrock Farms eggnog with cows

I can’t help but laugh at the fact that the bottle of “regular” eggnog is half the size of the one for low fat eggnog. As if it was OK to drink twice as much low fat eggnog since it has less calories per ounce! Do we need to remind people that it’s not because a food contains less calories that you can eat or drink more of it?

Now, take a look at the bottom part of these eggnog bottles. It seems that in the cow world, cows have created Santa and his elves in their image. CHow cute, a Santa cow! I want to guess this one doesn’t expect you to leave milk with the cookies by the fireplace on Christmas night.

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