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Get a puzzle map of 50 United States, see a cow. Can you guess on which state it is?

For a while now, I’ve had on my shopping list to get a puzzle map of the 50 United States. What better way for my kids to learn about the 50 states but by pulling them apart and putting them back together, over and over?

And I thought this would be a great learning opportunity for me too. After living in the U.S. for almost 20 years, I’m pretty good at placing the states on the East and West Coasts, but the further away I get from the ocean, the more I have to guess. But by the time I get to the middle, I’m pretty lost.

So today I found the perfect 50 U.S. state map puzzle at Target. Made out of wood, the pieces are shaped like each state, with the state name written on each piece. The bottom wooden part shows the shape of each state to help their placement, and lists the state capital. A very nice addition since I don’t know most of the state capitals either. Who knew I’d learn so much with my $10 purchase?

United States of America - State map wooden puzzle
United States of America - State map wooden puzzle

I only noticed this after I brought the puzzle home and removed the packaging but there’s a cow on this US map! Can you guess which state the cow should be on?

I would have bet all my money on Wisconsin, with the never-ending talk about the delicious, most famous Wisconsin cheese. Well, except if you’re from California, because then you know about the Real California Cheese campaign.

Well, the cow isn’t on the State of Wisconsin, nor on California. In fact, the cow represents Oklahoma. Oklahoma? Will someone familiar with Oklahoma please explain that one to me?

By the way, I then had to check what was used to represent the State of Wisconsin. It’s a stinking badger. Will someone from Wisconsin please explain that one to me too? Is the state animal a badger? Are you trying to sabotage tourism in your own state?

Here are the two states in one shot, so you don’t think I’m making this up!

Wooden puzzle, US map
Wooden puzzle, US map

8 thoughts on “Get a puzzle map of 50 United States, see a cow. Can you guess on which state it is?

  1. I see ours is the armadillo, although the only ones I tend to see are road kill…..I figured we would have Longhorns! :)
    I think Wisconsin might have a Badgers team? I don’t know….

    1. I’m not from Texas but I sure identify armadillos with the state, even though it may not be your preference. I think longhorns would have been great, but the armadillo is cuter for young kids. Maybe that’s the deal with the badger. If they put a cheese wheel on Wisconsin, kids wouldn’t recognize it as well…

  2. Hi , i just bought this puzzle here in Germany on a fleamarket.:) Seems that the kids who sold it, wasnt interested in it. It wasnt unwraped, and so i got this new puzzle ( for just 3 €). I was wondering about the cow thing too. And i am still wondering what kind of animal is living in Missouri. It would be great to get an information about it.

    1. I’m not sure about Missouri. It looks like a hare or a rabbit but I don’t know why it would be a familiar icon for that state. I’d have to ask someone who is from there but I don’t think I know anyone.

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