Holy cow, a cowmedian!

Tilly Bud at The Laughing Housewife awarded her weekly CoWAbunger to Pseu this morning, for several hilarious comments she posted on Tilly’s blog this past week. Pseu comments on this cow blog quite a lot too and I have to be careful not to have any food or drink in my mouth when I read her notes, for fear of spitting it out on my laptop screen.

Well done, Pseu, I love the award Tilly chose for you. You ARE quite a cowmedian, there’s no udder way to say it!



 On another note, my husband was kind enough to share his cow of the day with me by email. He found it at a discount store while browsing the toy aisle.

Cow in Country Critters cow

Cow in Country Critters cow

 Wow, that’s some big cow muzzle!


6 responses to “Holy cow, a cowmedian!

  1. Mooo!
    (Thank you in cow speak. Now the pressure’s on to be humorous all the time I’m sure to crack completely! )

  2. Glad you liked it (and her)!

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