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My last cow of the year: it’s not “Got Milk?” It’s “Got Books?”

Today is December 31, the last day of 2011. I can now announce officially I’ve seen at least one cow every single day this year. Therefore the daily cow theory is proven and true, with over 365 cow sightings out of 365 days. Wow cow!

I’ve decided to continue documenting my cow sightings in 2012, although I probably won’t do it every day. After all, I do have quite a lot of things on my to-do list I need to get working on. But I’ll make sure to share the good, the bad and the ugly. And the cutest, the freakiest, the biggest…

My last cow of the year 2011 came through UPS yesterday in a box my sister-in-law sent. When we opened it today, we saw it contained cool gifts for the kids and some for us too. Below is one of the best Christmas presents I’ve received this year, reminding me about two of my favorite things: reading books and blogging about cows. And since I read every day, I’m now guaranteed to see at least four cows every single day.

Cow bookmark - got books?

Cow bookmark - got books?

 Pretty nice gift, huh? Thanks, Steph!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to start my countdown to 2012 and celebrate a whole year of daily cows! Should I toast to the new year with a glass of milk?


Announcing the top 10 best cows of 2011

I’ll quickly share my cow of the day before sharing my list of top 10 best cows of 2011. I saw it in a now very famous video of Baby Emerson feeling both terrified and hysterical when his mom blows her nose. Check him out sitting in the Evenflo Farmyard ExerSaucer Mega with the butt of the cow facing the camera:

Now, drumroll, please. I present you with the Top 10 Best Cows of 2011:

#10 – Best cow book: it’s a tie between Amazing Cows: Udder Absurdity for Children by Sandra Boynton

Sandra Boynton - Amazing Cows book

and There’s a Cow on the Roof by Eric Maddern.

There's a cow off the roof!

#9 – Best household cow decoration: cow cookie jar

Cow cookie jar

#8 – Freakiest cow sighting – the cow sofa

Cow sofa, cow couch

#7 – Best cow video: When the cows go marching in…

#6 – Best cow impersonation by a fake character – Olivia the Pig in a cow costume

Official Olivia the pig in a cow costume

#5 – Best cow impersonation by a real character – Pedro the Cat

Pedro the cat dressed up as a cow for Halloween

#4 – Most surprising cow sighting: the flying cow

#3 – Best Cow Parade cow sculpture: the Sam-Moo-Rai

Sam-Moo-Rai the cow - Cow Parade

#2 – Biggest cow fan: The Cow Lady

Cow moo-seum in Lafayette, Minnesota

#1 – Most famous cow of 2011: Yvonne, the runaway cow

Yvonne the cow will star in a Hollywood movie

After running wild in the Bavarian forest for several months this year, Yvonne is back in captivity and will now have a Hollywood animated movie made about her. As fellow blogger Pseu commented on the story the other day, Yvonne is milking her celebrity for all she can. And for that, she deserves to be the #1 cow of the year.

Do you have any cow favorites you’ve seen on this blog or somewhere else you’d like to share?

Have you ever dreamed of having a cow sofa?

My kids and I read a new children’s book tonight called Joseph had a little overcoat by Simms Taback:

Joseph had a little overcoat by Simms Taback
Joseph had a little overcoat by Simms Taback

 And here’s what we found in a book telling a story about an overcoat:

There's a cow in Joseph had a little overcoat
There’s a cow in Joseph had a little overcoat

 Isn’t this a cute cow, with its tongue sticking out?

Talking about cute cows, look what Knotrune shared with me the other day. She found this photo of a cow sofa on the internet:

Cow sofa, cow couch
Cow sofa, cow couch

 ‘m working on my list of best cows of 2011 and I think this has to make it to the list. What do you think?

It’s another cow stuck in a claw machine

Since we’re now proud members of the San Diego Natural Museum, we spent the morning there and then took my mom out for some yummy Chinese lunch. I don’t know what it is with Chinese buffet restaurants, but they like to feature claw machines. From personal experience, I want to guess at least 50% of claw machines keep cows prisoners, and this one was no exception:

Cow stuck in claw machine at Chinese buffet restaurant

Cow stuck in claw machine at Chinese buffet restaurant

Look how cute this one is with its “hearty” cheeks and red hooves. Will someone please rescue it before Valentine’s day? It’s at Sunrise Buffet in San Diego, California.

Facebook Mark Zuckerberg rides a bull in Vietnam

If you’re wondering where Facebook billionnaire Mark Zuckerberg is spending his Christmas vacation, I have the answer for you: he’s in Vietnam. No, I’m not stalking the poor guy. It just happened to be a news item on Yahoo News today.

This may be a strategic trip, since Vietnam blocks its Vietnamese citizens from accessing Facebook (and I thought China was the only country this repressive in Asia). While there, Zuckerberg decided to do like the locals and rides a cow. Well, technically it’s a water buffalo:

Facebook Mark Zuckerberg riding a water buffalo in Vietnam

Facebook Mark Zuckerberg riding a water buffalo in Vietnam

 Now, did you see the horns on that cow? I’m sorry but there’s no way I’d stay even close to one of those and I definitely wouldn’t ride one, if case it decided to go bezerk. Would you?