It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas #4: cow slippers, anyone?

kreativ blogger awardI’d like to start today’s post by thanking Pedro the Cat for rewarding my daily efforts with the Kreativ Blogger Award earlier this week. I know how narcissistic cats can be, so for a cat to award me something, it really has to mean a lot. Thank you, Pedro! You’ll always be my favorite cow spotted cat.

Earlier this week, I subscribed to Amazon’s daily deals for Cyber Week (yes, it’s not just Cyber Monday anymore!). I’m not sure what happened to my subscription but I didn’t get any email notifications the whole week. Well, at least until this Friday morning and I’m betting all the good stuff is already gone. I’ve been looking for a great deal on a netbook but so far I’ve only had lots of missed opportunities.

I still clicked on the deals link in the Amazon email to see if I would find something I really liked. I didn’t find any netbooks (snif) but look at what Amazon is trying to sell as a Christmas present: cow slippers!

Plush cow slippers

Plush cow slippers

 I think they’re OK and certainly funny looking but then I got curious and wanted to see what other cow slippers were available out there in Cyber World. Wow, if you ever want to get lost in there, just type cow slippers…

I think these cow slippers are the cutest and therefore my favorite:

Cute cow slippers

Cute cow slippers

 Alright, maybe these toddler size cow slippers are the cutest after all. Too bad my kids’ feet are too big for them…

Toddler size cow slippers

Toddler size cow slippers

 Now, if you’re not a fan of slippers, you can still be happy and get these really funny cow socks! I’m dying to know if the Cow Lady has these already. I wonder what she asked Santa for Christmas…

Cow socks

Cow socks

 If you wear slippers, are they traditional looking or do they have a funny or interesting look to them?


8 responses to “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas #4: cow slippers, anyone?

  1. Guess what I have on my feet at this very moment Cow slippers. So very different from Cowslips.

  2. The tail sets those cow slippers apart from all the rest. They are divine.

  3. So much variety in cow slippers!

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