Ox-cart man kisses cow goodbye

I recently borrowed Ox-Cart Man by Donald Hall from the library to read it with my kids, since the front cover displayed a “Caldecott Medal” (it’s usually a good sign):

Ox-cart man by Donald Hall

Ox-cart man by Donald Hall

Tonight my five year old finally asked me to read this book, which tells the story of a man and his family living in 19th century New England. At the beginning the man packs up his ox-cart to sell everything he and his family have made during the year at the market, including the cart and the ox. Here he is, kissing the cow goodbye. Quite a touching moment.

Ox cart man by Donald Hall

Ox cart man by Donald Hall

 I really enjoyed this story and my son did too. It tells of the everchanging seasons and how life and nature happen to cycle. It also shows what farm life used to be like not so long ago, and how farmers produced goods to sell them on the market and make money to buy other things (like peppermint candies!). If you have kids four and up at home, I recommend you read this book to them.


4 responses to “Ox-cart man kisses cow goodbye

  1. Yep, there’s something about animal noses that bring out the best in us.

  2. What is an Ox I asked myself? I fact I always thought an ox was separate species… but no, it is indeed:
    1 an adult castrated male of any domesticated species of cattle, esp Bos taurus, used for draught work and meat
    2 any bovine mammal, esp any of the domestic cattle


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