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Decorate your walls with IKEA cow frames

We went to IKEA this past weekend to find some organizing solutions for a couple of our closets. We also wanted to replace some floor lamps that either broke during our move a couple of years ago or were damaged by the kids. This is exactly why we like to purchase floor lamp replacements at IKEA for $10. We won’t cry too much when they get knocked over. Again.

A trip to IKEA always is an interesting experience. We usually drop off the kids at the indoor play area first, where they have fun playing around in the ball crawl, coloring papers, watching cartoons or cooking a pretend meal in the play kitchen. If we have a little time, we’ll browse through the store to see what’s new before working on our shopping list.

This weekend we happened to find something new in the wall decor department. Won’t you look at this stylized cow frame and tell me what you think? It’s only $9.99, quite a steal for a frame this large.

Large cow photo frame at IKEA
Large cow photo frame at IKEA

 Oh, look, they used a green background that almost matches the one I have on my revamped Every Day I See A Cow blog. How about that? I’m so trendy (the IKEA way)!

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