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How to draw a cow fair and square

A few weeks ago my five-year old started sketching classes, where he gets to learn how to draw basic objects and animals. I recently used some of his drawings for a WordPress weekly photo challenge on my Perfecting Motherhood blog (he happened to draw them the day before his dad had his skiing accident). Can you guess I’m a proud mama?

Today was his third class and he got to draw a whole bunch of animals, including an elephant, a racoon, a dog, a stegosaurus, and this:

How to draw a cow
How to draw a cow

Believe or not, I was surprised to see a cow on his paper. Don’t ask me why, because I should have seen it coming since he drew a couple of farm animals last week. Maybe it’s because I already saw plenty of cows at my Sprouts’ farmet market store this afternoon and at the library later on.

Did you notice this cow has a square body? If you think about it, a cow’s body is more rectangular than round, so it makes sense. And I think my boy did a good job at drawing my cutest cow sighting of the day. What do you think?

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