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Minnie and Moo – what do cows do on Valentine’s Day?

A couple of nights ago I attended a monthly parent school council meeting in the local school district’s building. The main lobby has a large glass-covered display where someone carefully decides what props to use for each month’s theme. It’s not the first time I’ve seen cows in that showcase. It’s actually happened twice in the past, once almost exactly a year ago, and the other last October when it included the famous Minnie & Moo cows.

Minnie & Moo are back this month to put us in the spirit of Valentine’s Day. Now that’s what I call happy cows!

Minnie and Moo - Will you be my Valentine? book
Minnie and Moo - Will you be my Valentine? book

We’re big fans of M&M at our house but we haven’t read Minnie & Moo, will you be my Valentine? yet, so I just requested it from our local library. I can’t wait to find out what makes cows so happy. There must be some new bull in town…

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