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The cow in Shrek

I have seen the movie Shrek once or twice but until now I never read the book that inspired it. And when I say “inspired”, I really mean it. The movie is 10 times funnier and more entertaining than the book, which is mostly meant to be scary and a little silly. I usually like books better than the movies based on them, but this is one exception.

The kids know about Shrek and have seen at least one of the movies so I recently borrowed the book Shrek! by William Steig from the library so we could find out where it all started from.

Shrek the book by William Steig
Shrek the book by William Steig

In this book Shrek decides to venture into the world and spread panic around him. Of course it works and he manages to bring much delight to himself and much fright to all others. Look how uneager these people and animals are to meet Shrek.

The cow in Shrek
The cow in Shrek

 And look at the poor cow running for her life. Actually everybody is. Even the plants are trying to get away. This does NOT make me want to meet an ogre. What about you?

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