Move the blue cow to raise money

A friend of mine recently posted this picture of a blue cow on Facebook and you know I couldn’t resist asking her to use it for this blog.

Fundraising cash cow

Fundraising cash cow

This cow is actually a fundraiser prop to raise money for her church. To move the cow from someone’s yard to another, you need to pay. This is quite an interesting idea and for a moment, I wondered why they chose a cow to do this job. It didn’t take me long to figure out it’s probably a “cash cow” and what’s needed to stimulate the fundraising.

As for the blue color, I’m not sure I get it. Shouldn’t be green if it’s a cash cow? No matter the color, I still find it very cute. What about you?


4 responses to “Move the blue cow to raise money

  1. What a great idea!

    Of course, where I live, someone would steal it or break it or throw up on it.

  2. They actually have all different color cows; and even a polka dotted one. The colors are just to bring attention to them. I think they are the cutest cows around ; )

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