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Learn math with the help of cows

Every Friday afternoon my five-year old comes back from school with a stack of worksheets he completes in class during the week. I spend a few minutes going over it and spot any problems he may need a little help with. The stack contains photocopies as well as original sheets from workbooks.

This afternoon I stumbled upon this worksheet introducing the concept of “Ordering by Length”.

Learn math with the help of cows
Learn math with the help of cows

If you want to practice counting, you’ll notice there are seven cows this page spread. And they’re really cute. Here’s a close-up of a few cows, waiting for a train that’s not coming. Actually kids are supposed to use “cube trains” on the tracks. Who said school is all work and no play?

Cute cows can teach you math
Cute cows can teach you math

4 thoughts on “Learn math with the help of cows

    1. Welcome to 21th century math concepts! It’s actually very simple. E.g. you have 3 strings of different length and you’re asked to order them by length, from shortest to longest. Easy enough, right?

      1. I s’pose….

        it worries me that all the kids work is done on work sheets, as if only something printed out is good enough.

      2. I agree, especially when I see the amount of worksheets coming home every week, especially for a kindergarten class. But my son tells me he has a great time in class, with ample time for reading and sharing stories in circle time. I’m now on the school district committee to improve curriculum and its delivery and add foreign language instruction so I hope there will be some changes down the road in the way the information is delivered. I understand they’ve already made changes in the higher grades but it has to trickle down at some point.

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