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Help Mommy cow find her baby calf

Our local library is a great resource to get new books every week but it also offers access to the digital world. Adults can browse the internet on a number of assigned computers, while little ones can play educational games on a couple of them in the children’s book section.

My five-year old has a good grasp, literally, of the mouse and he can read everything on the screen, so it makes his experience very enjoyable. My four-year old is still having a hard time maneuvering the cursor so he often asks for my help, depending on the game.

The Reader Rabbit preschool software offers easier exercises for him, so he can usually navigate it on his own. In one of the games, he’s supposed to help moms reunite with their babies, which are hiding inside a basket. Here are some of the animal moms you get to meet. I’ll let you spot the cow. And if you look carefully, you’ll notice it doesn’t have udders. Disturbing. As if kids were perverts…

Reader Rabbit preschool computer game with animals

Reader Rabbit preschool computer game with animals

Are you ready to see Mommy cow be reunited with her baby? Wait, everyone has been reunited. Good job, my boy! Look at them, they look so happy.

By the way, pigs and cows, friends forever, as usual.

Reader Rabbit software - Mommy cow gets reunited with her baby calf


Have you heard of this new case of mad cow disease?

Have you heard of this new case of mad cow disease? Well, I have, because it was discovered earlier this week, right here in California. A dairy cow that was raised in the Central Valley died for no apparent reason, so a lot of tests were performed. Mad cow disease came back as the cause of death, even though the animal didn’t display any symptoms before its death. 

Cow photo from the KPBS article on mad cow disease in California

Cow photo from the KPBS article on mad cow disease in California

I first heard it on my KPBS news radio station (local station for National Public Radio) and then saw it in their Facebook news thread, where they used a photo of several healthy cows (see above). Here’s the link to the short article on this mad cow disease case discovery, where you can also listen to an audio interview with a few experts on this discovery.

Apparently, eating dairy products will not give you mad cow disease, even if the cow was sick. Wow, do I feel safe now, or what?

One interesting fact you may learn during the discussion is that California is #1 in dairy product sales in the whole 50 states of America. Take that, Wisconsin! Oh wait, now we may have to worry about cows dropping dead. Darn.

Cows fly away in Fall Mixed Up

I recently borrowed a very funny children’s book from the library called Fall Mixed Up by Bob Raczka.

Fall Mixed Up by Bob Raczka

Fall Mixed Up by Bob Raczka

From the subject of the book (the Fall season) and the front cover, would you guess there are cows in this book? Well, there are plenty of them and they appear in the very first two spreads, even before any of the text.

Here is the first spread, featuring cows starting to take off. I love the up-arrow pattern on the cow in the front! If you look closely, you’ll also find a cow up in the tree (top left corner) and one flying up, up and away (top right corner).

Flying cows

Flying cows

Of course, here are two more cows in the second page spread. Do they look like they’re having fun? Actually, I’m not sure about this one. The one cow looking at me seems a little clueless and worried. Hey, is this how you make a milkshake?

Fall mixed up book with flying cows

Springtime means happy cows, very happy cows!

Having a Facebook page for Every Day I See A Cow has a few privileges. It helps me reach people through Facebook and interact with them. And once in a while, someone will post something about cows they want me to see.

Recently the group Not In My Cuppa, whose goal is to bring awareness about the well-being of dairy cows in the UK and improve their conditions, invited me to check out a link on my wall. The link went to the Cow Dance website, created by the WSPA (World Society for the Protection of Animals).

Dancing cows - Cow dance

Dancing cows - Cow dance

If you want to smile and laugh for a few minutes, I invite you to visit their website and watch a few videos of very happy cows being released in the fields after being locked up in the barn for the winter. Check them out jumping, kicking their back legs in the air, rolling in the grass… They couldn’t be happier. Here’s just one video of dancing cows to give you a taste.

The mooing cows of Walmart

After not finding the clothes I was looking for at Target the other day, I decided to try Walmart, hoping for better luck. All the winter clearance clothes were gone and I couln’t find a single sweatshirt under $15. When I see how rough my kids are on their clothes, I always hesitate spending more than $10 on any piece of clothing that will end up full of stains or full of holes.

But my trip wasn’t a complete waste of time since I found this cow book, very appropriately called “Moo!” in a large bin as I was walking around the store. And it’s in great company!

The Moo! book

The Moo! book

My kids are too big for this type of book but this cow sure looks cute and happy! 

Happy cow, happy Friday!