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It’s an invasion of cow slippers at Sears!

This past weekend I decided to make a trip to my local Sears department store and shop for new clothes for the boys. I try to stick to the clearance racks to get the best deals, even if the clothes are a couple sizes bigger than what they need right now. I always think it’s better to get the good deal now than have to pay full price when I really need the clothes.

I managed to find beautiful winter sweaters and jackets at less than $10 each. Actually several of them were just $4.99! I also took advantage of Sears’ Kidvantage guarantee, which lets you exchange any worn out clothes for new clothes as long as they are the same size. Knowing how much my boys love to tear big holes at the knee, I try to buy all their pants at Sears and on Sunday, I got three brand new pairs of pants for free. On top of that, I used a 15% off coupon and the cashier gave it back to me at the end of the transaction, in case I wanted to use it again before it expires. All in all I came home with 14 pieces of clothing for a total of $56. Ka-ching!

While at the register, I couldn’t help but look to my side and that’s where I spotted a very large display of … cow slippers!

An invasion of cow slippers at Sears
An invasion of cow slippers at Sears

Look at cute they are! I love the yellow flower on the ear. And for $2.99 a pair, they’re also a steal. And no, I didn’t get any but that’s only because they were all kids’ sizes. Snif.

Cute cow slippers

7 thoughts on “It’s an invasion of cow slippers at Sears!

  1. It’s so disappointing when you see something so cool and it’s only in kid sizes :( Why don’t they cater for grown ups with a sense of fun? :)

    1. I’ll give the store the benefit of the doubt because I was in the kids’ clothes section and didn’t look in the women’s clothes section for the same cow slippers. I would guess it’d be a small chance, though.

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