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Today’s cow is wearing… a wig?

I found today’s cow in a children’s book called Don’t Worry, Douglas! by David Melling, which we recently borrowed from our local library.

Don't worry Douglas by David Melling
Don't worry Douglas by David Melling

Douglas’s dad gives him a woolly hat to keep him warm when he goes and play outside. Unfortunately Douglas’s hat gets caught in the branch of a tree and turns into a super long string of spaghetti. One by one the other animals figure out what to do with the wool, except putting it back into a hat…

Of course, this book about a bear wouldn’t be complete without a cow. She shows up right after the sheep.

The cow makes a wig out of Douglas's hat string

Look at her. Doesn’t she look pretty? I love the pompons dangling down from the ears.

Cow wearing a wig

And if you’re wondering what happens to Douglas’s hat, it doesn’t get turned back into a hat (at least not by the end of the book) and Douglas is worried his dad will get upset. But instead Dad gives him his own hat to wear and keep warm.  Dad clearly hasn’t learned his lesson!

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