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Cows fly away in Fall Mixed Up

I recently borrowed a very funny children’s book from the library called Fall Mixed Up by Bob Raczka.

Fall Mixed Up by Bob Raczka
Fall Mixed Up by Bob Raczka

From the subject of the book (the Fall season) and the front cover, would you guess there are cows in this book? Well, there are plenty of them and they appear in the very first two spreads, even before any of the text.

Here is the first spread, featuring cows starting to take off. I love the up-arrow pattern on the cow in the front! If you look closely, you’ll also find a cow up in the tree (top left corner) and one flying up, up and away (top right corner).

Flying cows
Flying cows

Of course, here are two more cows in the second page spread. Do they look like they’re having fun? Actually, I’m not sure about this one. The one cow looking at me seems a little clueless and worried. Hey, is this how you make a milkshake?

Fall mixed up book with flying cows

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