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Help Mommy cow find her baby calf

Our local library is a great resource to get new books every week but it also offers access to the digital world. Adults can browse the internet on a number of assigned computers, while little ones can play educational games on a couple of them in the children’s book section.

My five-year old has a good grasp, literally, of the mouse and he can read everything on the screen, so it makes his experience very enjoyable. My four-year old is still having a hard time maneuvering the cursor so he often asks for my help, depending on the game.

The Reader Rabbit preschool software offers easier exercises for him, so he can usually navigate it on his own. In one of the games, he’s supposed to help moms reunite with their babies, which are hiding inside a basket. Here are some of the animal moms you get to meet. I’ll let you spot the cow. And if you look carefully, you’ll notice it doesn’t have udders. Disturbing. As if kids were perverts…

Reader Rabbit preschool computer game with animals
Reader Rabbit preschool computer game with animals

Are you ready to see Mommy cow be reunited with her baby? Wait, everyone has been reunited. Good job, my boy! Look at them, they look so happy.

By the way, pigs and cows, friends forever, as usual.

Reader Rabbit software - Mommy cow gets reunited with her baby calf

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