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Dairy cows get pampered

I just read a very interesting AP (Associated Press) article on Yahoo News about a number of dairy farms that are pampering their cows to improve their overall well-being, and in return increase their milk production.

Dairy cow getting chiropractic treatment - Photo courtesy of AP

Dairy cow getting chiropractic treatment – Photo courtesy of AP

Some dairy cows are getting a lot of pampering including massages, chiropractic treatments, and new water beds. The article even mentions the use of classical music but one of the interviewees dismisses that cows care about listening to music. I’ll have to disagree with this observation. Do you remember the post I wrote on cows enjoying jazz music? Here’s the video again. You can’t tell me cows don’t appreciate good music when they hear it!


Cows at the town fair

We had a street fair in our town this past weekend. Since it was started a few years ago, it’s become a favorite for all the locals. What’s not to like about local business booths, kiddie rides, junk food, snow cones, music bands, and a beer garden?

Oh, wait, but I’m forgetting something. Cows. Yes, cows. I actually spotted a couple of them there. The first one appeared right in front of me as I was walking up and down the aisles. Check this work of art, a great colorful cow skull rendition on a jacket.

Colorful Indian cow skull art rendition on jacket

Colorful Indian cow skull art rendition on jacket

I spotted the second cow in the booth advertising the after-school programs. They sometimes offer art classes for kids who participate in the after-school programs while their parents are still at work. That is some goofy looking cow! Its spotted body looks more like a dalmatian, don’t you think?

Crazy looking cow artwork

Crazy looking cow artwork

Looks like this cow is about to blow up

My car was running on empty yesterday so I finally decided it’d be a good idea to get gas. I usually don’t wait for my car to ding me every single time I start it to refuel, but when gas prices only go up and not down, I dread my visit at the pump.

Fortunately I decided to stray from my usual gas station, displaying a bold $4.39/gallon and instead stopped by a gas station down the same street where gas was “only” $4.19/gallon. I have no idea how gas prices can vary so widely from one gas company to another, but hey, my wallet is happy with the lower prices. Well, as happy as $4.19/gallon is going to make me.

While I was pumping at this gas station I’ve never visited before, I noticed a large banner on the store window. It’s obviously been there for a while and is pretty beat up but you can still see what it’s for. I love how gas stations like to remind me while I pump gallons of gas in my car that my boys can also gulp down gallons of milk.

Got milk? Cow selling milk on a gas station banner

Got milk? Cow selling milk on a gas station banner

Besides the disturbing price display (it almost looks like $33.69/gallon), I’m a little concerned about the cow and its “inflated” state. Are they trying to tell me the price of milk is ballooning, or did this cow eat too much fibrous grass and is now experiencing a bad case of bloating? Either way, it looks like it’s ready to pop. Time to drive away!

Dairy farming or fracking: stuck between a rock and a hard place

NY and PA dairy farmers considering selling their land for fracking - Image courtesy of Yahoo News

NY and PA dairy farmers considering selling their land for fracking – Image courtesy of Yahoo News

I just read a very interesting article from the Associated Press (AP) this weekend, discussing the predicament in which many dairy farmers in New York state and Pennsylvania are finding themselves. Dairy farming is becoming more and more expensive, as farmers try to keep dairy prices low due to market pressure and lack of government subsidies (we all know those monies go to the big corporate farmers growing corn, soy and tobacco). Many dairy farmers are struggling to stay afloat and are starting to sell their land to the gas extraction companies. These farms sit on land rich in natural gas deep below ground and hydraulic fracturing, also known as fracking, is used to extract. 

NY state actually has a moratorium on the practice right now, but its neighbor Pennsylvania doesn’t. So many PA dairy farmers have packed up their bags and sold their land for good money. The issue is, fracking may not be safe and contaminate the water and air around the site. Many NY dairy farmers happen to be located right across from these extraction sites in PA, and some of them have complained about water becoming contaminated on their land. 

I can only say one thing: what a mess… Getting rid of cows to extract gas. We always hear about cows emitting a lot of methane but if used properly, you can actually make electricity out of it. But big corporations are not interested in cow pies. What a tough dilemma we’re finding ourselves in…

A sad ending for the sacred white buffalo

Do you remember the extremely rare white buffalo that was born almost a year ago? White buffalos are extremely rare – a one-in-ten-million occurrence – and Native Americans consider them sacred, so this was a very big deal for the Greenville, Texas Lakota community.

I wish I had some better news to share but the truth is, some major a..hole(s) found nothing better than slaughter the poor calf, barely shy of a year old and skin it. He/They even managed to poison its mother at the same time and she died a day later. This is a very disturbing act that makes you wonder what type of world we live in. I just hope the bastards get caught eventually. RIP Lightning Medecine Cloud.

Here’s the link to the full article on the NPR website.

Rare white buffalo slaughtered

Rare white buffalo slaughtered