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Ready to make your own bull?

If you want to make your own bull and get away with it, there’s an easy way. I found it at Michael’s art & craft store while browsing the aisles for art projects to do with the kids. It’s called RoseArt 3D wooden bull puzzle. What do you think?

RoseArt 3D wooden bull puzzle
RoseArt 3D wooden bull puzzle

I was at Michael’s with my four-year old and he seemed more interested in the 3D wooden dinosaur puzzles than in a cow (sorry, no pictures).

I’d love to work on an art project like this with him but I can already imagine how this will end. He’ll want to play with his finished dinosaur and will end up having him crushed and eaten by his hard plastic Tyrannosaurus Rex. Damn, that guy always wins, he’s such a bully. And that’s no bull!

2 thoughts on “Ready to make your own bull?

  1. i’m trying to purchase this create in color 3d roseart bull product but can’t seem to find it online anywhere. can u please tell me what michael’s you found it in? thanks so much! catherine

    1. They don’t have the RoseArt model on Amazon but this one is very similar and about the same price. ://

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