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A sad ending for the sacred white buffalo

Do you remember the extremely rare white buffalo that was born almost a year ago? White buffalos are extremely rare – a one-in-ten-million occurrence – and Native Americans consider them sacred, so this was a very big deal for the Greenville, Texas Lakota community.

I wish I had some better news to share but the truth is, some major a..hole(s) found nothing better than slaughter the poor calf, barely shy of a year old and skin it. He/They even managed to poison its mother at the same time and she died a day later. This is a very disturbing act that makes you wonder what type of world we live in. I just hope the bastards get caught eventually. RIP Lightning Medecine Cloud.

Here’s the link to the full article on the NPR website.

Rare white buffalo slaughtered
Rare white buffalo slaughtered

8 thoughts on “A sad ending for the sacred white buffalo

  1. It’s so heartbreaking to hear of this murder, because that’s what it was. It’s even more heartbreaking to know that there is a price on everything and in some sick, demented mind they felt they had to destroy, not just a sacred spirit animal but the life of an innocent animal and his mother. The twisted minds of the demented cannot see or accept Beauty, Hope, or sacritenes. We must not let his murder ruin the spiritual gift that was his message to the believers and his people. He was a Beautiful Sacred gift and he brought a Sacred Message and it is up to us to live it and pass it on. Blessings on his soul and his mother’s soul.

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